DAC212SE by DiDiT High End, Netherlands

DAC212se | design

From our passion for music and the desire to create the best audio experience we designed and developed the DAC212SE.

Our goal was to create a sophisticated modern design that is both compact and versatile. Top notch audio quality in a compact lifestyle package.

Machined out of a single piece of aluminum to exceptional high standards, combining durability, aesthetic design and manufacturing precision.

The 4 layer PCB is a truly balanced design and the applied “Virtual Grounding and Balanced Interfacing” technology ensure exceptional musicality and tonal rightness without any digital artefacts.

With today’s multitude of choices, flexibility is key. The DAC212SE can be configured to any system and can be tailored to any preference. Due to the 32bit digital SABRE DAC, volume control and our advanced ‘Intelligent’ software inside the DAC212SE, users can adjust volume control behavior to their preference.

The inputs are fully flexible and compatible with most systems and High-Definition audio formats.

With the DAC212SE we set a new standard in audio performance and we invite you to revive and rediscover your music collection! 

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