Triode TRV-845SE Audio Conference Review

TRIODE TRV-845 SE 845 tube 20w class A Reference Integrated amp single-ended

TRIODE Corp introduction:
* TRV-845SE is a Pure Class-A Integrated amplifier fully
consists of triode tubes.
* By using 2A3 tubes to drive 845, the detailed and delicate
sound of 845 is further improved.
* Newly developed large EI Orient-core output transformer
creates a profound middle and bass sound.
BIG in so many ways, at 460w x 450d x 260h & weighing in at
38kg it is no light weight and it is able to musically take on all
comers without flinching.
This is the one we have all been waiting for from Triode Corp, a beautiful reference, high-end valve amp that truly brings life to
music but still at an accessible price. Once you hear it sing you will be a believer too. Absolutely stunning performance.
‘My jaw dropped’
Posted by Bill D – “I received the Psvane 845 about two weeks ago. I have a Triode Corporation of Japan 845SE on the
showroom floor that uses 2A3 tubes to drive the 845?s. The tubes these replaced were the Shuguang B series.
When I first fired up the amp with the Psvane 845?s in place my jaw dropped! This was now an entirely new amp. Hall
sounds that I hadn’t heard before were now an integral part of the music. 3D! The sound of the stock Tri 845SE is one of
the best amps that I’ve heard and now it jumped up several notches with the new tubes. And these haven’t even broken in
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